Inaugural ceremony of the 26th ICCIT-2023 & 10th ICPS-2023

In the inaugural ceremony of the 26th ICCIT-2023 & 10th ICPS-2023 IEEE President Saifur Rahman delivered a welcoming speech, setting the tone for the event. Following this, Professor Kathleen A. Kramer provided a comprehensive presentation on the evolving cyber system in avionics, offering valuable insights into the advancements in this critical field.

Celia Shahnaz Madam expressed gratitude in her speech, acknowledging the efforts of volunteers and faculty whose support was instrumental in the successful organization of the conference. The atmosphere was filled with a sense of collaboration and appreciation as the event unfolded, showcasing the commitment of the IEEE community to fostering knowledge exchange and innovation in the realm of avionics and cyber systems.

Additionally, various faculty members and executives from the IEEE Bangladesh section shared their insights and thoughts during the inaugural ceremony. Their speeches contributed to a diverse range of perspectives, enriching the event and highlighting the collaborative spirit within the IEEE community. This collective participation further emphasized the importance of fostering connections and knowledge-sharing in advancing the fields discussed at the conference.

In the ceremony, we observe silence in memory of A N M Nasimunnabi in his unexpected death.
Then our host Celia Shahnaz inaugurated the events with the permission of 2024 IEEE President- Elect.

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